Combine Rosults

After the team's rout of Alcorn State in October 2016, Ragnow received devastating news: his father, Jon, had passed away from a heart attack. Ragnow did not miss a contest, however, and received many accolades for his play during the course of the difficult season. League media named him second-team All-SEC due to his sturdiness in pass protection and ability to move the line of scrimmage on run plays. He started 12 games in the pivot and one at right guard as a junior but decided to stay in college instead of heading to the NFL. Ragnow lined up for all 13 games at that right guard position in 2015, his sophomore season. As a true freshman from the far southwestern Twin Cities metropolitan area, Ragnow played in nine games at center. He played well enough to receive Freshman All-SEC and Freshman All-American honors.


Three-year starter and team captain who brings a desired level of physical demeanor to the field each game. Ragnow won't wow you with foot quickness or athleticism, but he takes smart angles to his blocks and shouldn't be limited by scheme. His size, power, and anchor is a big plus as is his ability to swing over to guard if needed. Ragnow could struggle to stay connected to blocks against athletic interior linemen with quick hands, but his baseline play is equal to a solid NFL starter.

Has good size and overall power for the position
Solid snap to step quickness and doesn't waste time getting to his spot
Quick to get into defenders as a down blocker
Has adequate bend into contact at point of attack
Will drive block from insteps and can generate some movement through force
Does a really nice job of locating his second block target early in the rep
Transitions from first to second block with good timing and pop
Has plus feel for angles up to linebackers and does a good job of sifting and finding targets on short pulls
Block finisher with a desired level of toughness
Has strong hands to cinch defender's frame and ride blocks out
Able to drop tail and anchor against bull rushers and will find work when uncovered
Has starting experience at guard as well as center
Is an average athlete and can be a little heavy footed in space when tasked with sudden redirection against moving targets
Needs to drop pad level as move blocker
Post-contact base can be a little inconsistent causing occasional balance issues
On the ground a little more than he needs to be
Has tendency to maul with wider hands when trying to get his man turned and sealed at the point of attack
Can improve his feel for twists coming
May struggle against quick-twitch opposition
Will be coming off of season-ending high ankle injury that will need to be vetted by combine doctors
Sources Tell Us

"He's a tough guy and a leader in that locker room. He's got the personality that you want your center to have and he's got good strength. I see him as an early starter in the league." - NFC area scout

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