Bitcoin Business Capital Must Be Issued Beginners - Bitcoin is one of the virtual coins that is currently favored by the public. Especially the people of Indonesia. The selling price of one coin is around Rp. 140,000,000. Of course, many people who want to run this business. Bitcoin business capital issued is also not small.

Devices Needed in the Bitcoin Business

To do this business, you need a little bit of business capital. This capital is used to buy a bitcoin mining device. Here are the equipment that must be needed in mining bitcoin:

1. PC

The first is a PC. To do this business, of course you have to use a PC. Because by using a PC, of course it can be easy to get cryptocurrency. PC devices used for mining are not just any PC. The PC specifications must be sufficient to mine bitcoin. For the price of a PC that has been specially assembled for the smooth business of bitcoin is around Rp. 9,000,000. However, you can also build your own PC for those of you who are good at assembling PC devices. The price of this PC can of course go up and down depending on the dollar exchange rate.

2. VGA

Next is VGA. VGA used to mine bitcoin is actually the same as ordinary VGA. However, the use of VGA for bitcoin mining is different. The purpose of this VGA is to solve an algorithm that can provide Alternative coin or Altcoin. Altcoin itself is a derivative of bitcoin whose benchmark price is certainly different from bitcoin. The price of this device can reach around 6 to 8 million rupiah.

3. Nminer

Besides using VGA, you can also use a hardware device called Nminer. Nminer is a useful tool for mining these virtual coins. The price of the Nminer is arguably quite expensive. That is around Rp. 50,000,000 including postage and tax fees. This tool is hard to find in Indonesia. To buy this item, you must order abroad. The difference between mining bitcoin with Nminer is certainly different from VGA. The difference is in solving the algorithm. Nminer is much faster at solving algorithms, of course these items are very expensive. With the speed of solving the algorithm, using Nminer also certainly gets a lot more coins than VGA.

4. Electricity

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In mining bitcoin, of course you have to turn on your PC for 24 hours nonstop. If the PC is turned on for a full day, the electricity costs will also swell. In conducting bitcoin mining activities, the electricity costs incurred for each device are also different. Depending on the number of devices to mine bitcoin. Electricity costs that must be incurred can reach around Rp. 2,000,000 per month. You can also cut electricity costs by reducing the use of tools. However, the income generated is also not comparable to using many tools.

5. Cloud Mining

For those of you who have a business capital that is not small bitcoin, you can use this method. Namely using cloud mining. Cloud mining is a service for mining bitcoin that depends on the specifications and prices that have been determined by the service provider. Usually the price of cloud mining varies. There are also those that provide free cloud mining services, but specifications and guarantees can benefit very little. Thus, many of the bitcoin business people often doubt free cloud mining. Therefore, some business people often hire cloud mining services. Cloud mining is perfect for those of you who don't have a large space to put bitcoin mining tools. The rental price of cloud mining is also very cheap. That is around Rp. 100,000 per month.

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