Understanding What Is A Reseller In Olshop, Examples, Benefits, How It Works, And Terms To Become A Reseller

Understanding resellers - in the previous article we together discussed information about the definition of suppliers, now in the discussion of this content is quite different, that many people do not know about the meaning of the reseller and are confused by the term, whereas for those who want to sell online it is fitting to know the term about what is a reseller, well for those of you who are confused, then this content is the most appropriate answer for the reader.

What are resellers in olshop

The simple meaning is Re = back, seller = seller, meaning that you resell other people's products at a price that you specify to potential customers who have previously been purchased from source suppliers at wholesale price offers.

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Most reseller categories often sell a variety of products such as jeans, shirts, Muslim clothing, hats, and so on. Not only that, but resellers can sell other food product categories to potential consumers on the internet or retail businesses.

Knowing the definition of this simple reseller is a very mandatory thing, considering that online trading activities are now very rapidly growing and internet users are also increasing, so it's no wonder why many people prefer to shop on the internet compared to supermarkets or other markets.

Though the meaning of resellers is quite common and has been recognized by many people, especially online businesses on the internet, but for beginners who want to start running a reseller business, then the article that we have presented is already very complete and able to add to your insight on the internet especially wanting to do business online.

Most of those who buy products from suppliers are usually not able to make or distribute a large amount of product stock, this is certainly a hassle, considering you need to make products like a company and sell them back to potential customers.

How resellers work for business systems

Usually resellers already have a good relationship with suppliers, well here will be a purchase transaction many product stocks with special price offers that have been presented from suppliers to resellers. If you already buy some stock, then the reseller sells it back to potential customers, it can even be used as business capital for store sales.

Reseller example

For example, you buy a product from a supplier with a discount price offer per product of 50 thousand per pcs, then you can sell it back to consumers at a price of 80 thousand per purchase.

meaning that the profit you get is around 30 thousand rupiah, this nominal can be said to be quite large, just imagine in a day you are able to sell dozens or even hundreds of pcs of products to consumers, of course the profit and turnover that is very large.

For those who are lazy to distribute products, then becoming a reseller is a very appropriate answer, you don't need to bother arranging the manufacture of products, so just buy from a supplier with a cheap price offer, then resell it at a predetermined price.

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In addition there are other examples, for example pak budi (reseller) buys 1 package of products containing 50 pcs at a cheap price of 2 million, then pak budi sells it back to consumers on the internet with a count of 1 pcs = 90 thousand, if in a month the gift of budi is able to sell 200 pcs, meaning that the profit gained is 50 × 90 thousand = 4,500,000.

You do not need to worry about the price offered by expensive supplier sources, this is because by becoming a reseller partner, of course, it has been presented at very cheap prices if you want to buy the number of stock products in a very large category.

Benefits of resellers for business activities

No need a lot of capital, we can not deny anymore that being a reseller in running your business does not need to spend quite a lot of capital, so with minimal capital you can buy these products in large quantities and then sell them back to consumers. This is because there is a special discount price offer to prospective reseller members.
Free to buy product stock, there are other benefits of being a partner like this, that is you are free to buy any number of products you want at a very cheap price offer. No need to spend a lot of capital, with a capital of 400 thousand you can already buy quite a number of packages.
No need to bother supplying products, yes, it is absolutely right, you do not need to bother anymore and think the difficulty of product supply because all of that has been arranged by the source of your supplier, the task you need to do is simply buy and resell on the internet or shop to store.
Registration is free, the price is cheap, free registration too? Who does not want to, of course everyone wants to run a business like, you don't need to think about product distributors or manufacture, just buy cheap and resell.

Requirements to become a successful reseller

1. Have an internet connection

In selling online, of course, requires a stable internet connection, you simply market the product on the internet and need to interact with many customers, if it is inadequate it will certainly be more difficult to run a reseller business, due to the need for an internet network.

2. Online promotion

We can't deny it anymore, you need to run online marketing in order to attract a lot of customers, do marketing on social media like Facebook, Instagram and other marketplaces, even you can market your products in online stores by implementing SEO optimization efforts (search engine optimization) ).

3. Commitment and consistency

Having a commitment and consistent commitment is the key to success in terms of becoming a reseller, targeting and managing all online marketing business planning strategies that you must do every day.

4. Improve service

The last thing to note is service, you need to provide friendly service to consumers so that you can become your regular prospective customers, never be arrogant and slow in responding, because it can drive away the business fortune you are living.


Thus the content of the understanding of reseller, hopefully the content that we have shared can add insight and useful information to the reader. thank you

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