Business Tips For Profitable Results

Business Tips For Profitable Results

New Bisnis - Being an entrepreneur is indeed not easy, there will always be challenges and obstacles that must be faced in order to keep the business going. Continual learning is key, while failures experienced are often new experiences and knowledge for running a business.

The problem is the business world is something that is full of uncertainty. Rise and fall of sales figures, you often feel like giving up halfway. For this, of course you need to learn from more experienced business people and experts who have gone through that challenge. Like 5 business tips from some of the world-renowned entrepreneurs and business consultants below:

Highlight the Uniqueness of Your Business

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In this first business tip,'s founder, Binu Girija emphasized the importance of forming a business image. Girija states, it does need process and creativity, but if it can produce a prominent, unique, or different business image, then your business will be very easy to remember and make people curious to buy your business product or service. Try to form an image that is attached to the core of your business, or make something that reminds consumers of your product. It can be from the brand, service, or even price and quality.

Emphasize First Impressions

This second business tip is still from Binu Girija. He said, the next step is to optimize service to consumers, especially when first buying or using your service. Like advertising, first impressions are everything. If you succeed in giving a special impression to consumers since the first time, usually they will promote you to their friends or relatives.

Focus on objectives

Focusing on goals is a business tip from Dumi Oburota, founder of London Disturbing record label. In an interview with CNN, Oburota stressed there are three stages you need to take to focus on your goals. First, understand your business DNA; second, knowing the business objectives to be carried out; and third, running the business according to its DNA. Proverbial, if your business DNA is fish, then the goal is to be able to swim fast in the ocean, not fly in the sky like a bird.

Don't Stutter Technology

This business tip is a suggestion from Jacqueline Gold, Chief Executive of Ann Summers through an interview on the BBC. Jacqualine reminded that in today's digital era, it's important for you to understand technology. Then, says Catherine, learn about the technology and use it to increase sales. Able to provide digital system services that facilitate consumers or help with promotion. Both, if memorable for consumers, can bring profits to your business.

Start Planning

These business tips aim to plan your business thoroughly. Do not be complacent by the smooth running of your current business. Because there is no problem, it does not mean there is nothing.

That's 5 business tips that you can apply. To maintain the survival of your business, do not forget to draw up a rigid plan and targets to be achieved so that the business is not monotonous. Give challenges to yourself and your business, that way you will continue to strive to develop both. The thing to remember, do not be afraid to fail. Because failures experienced can be new experiences as well as business anticipation going forward.

One more business tips to support your business, which is try to invest. In addition to guard, investment will also be useful for additional income or even increase capital and add value to the results of your business. One investment option that can be tried is the Investment Fund which will provide a return through investment with a composition of shares ≥ 80% of the total portfolio. This mutual fund itself aims to provide long-term capital growth for you, to support the growth of the business that you are building.

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