CryptoTab: Mining Bitcoin on Google Chrome - Has Coinvestors ever heard of a plug-in for Bitcoin mining called CryptoTab? If Coinvestors wants to know more about CryptoTab, this article is right for you!

What is CryptoTab?

The principle of this application is 'get Bitcoin when using the Google Chrome browser'. This concept is used as CryptoTab positioning.

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The idea is that Coinvestors downloads an extension for the Chrome browser and can then use it for mining Bitcoin when Coinvestors uses a browser. So by doing this in an active application state, Coinvstors can get Bitcoin. Coinvestors can also invite friends and get more Bitcoin.

How does it work?

CryptoTab is basically a giant mining pool that uses the combined power of many computers to get Bitcoin. Coinvestors just log in using a Facebook or Google account. This is good because your Bitcoin balance will always be safe. If Coinvestors does not create an account and accidentally delete this application, the Bitcoin that has been obtained will be lost.

Here's the problem: The CryptoTab company states that users must withdraw money when at least 0,0004 BTC has been collected, which takes "several months". The price of BTC itself is currently around US $ 3,700, meaning 0,0004 BTC is not up to 2USD. CryptoTab company promises users can get up to 1 BTC, but the only way is to invite as many people as possible to use this application.

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Like a similar mining system, CryptoTab's core idea is not to make money through mining in the browser. Because at this time even computers with sophisticated and super efficient GPUs cannot profitably Bitcoin mining, so naturally Coinvestors cannot easily mining Bitcoin profitably just by using a computer browser.

Instead, the core idea of ​​CryptoTab uses a pyramid scheme that is to lead users to the referral system. This system is used to encourage users to make money that way. By giving as many referrals as possible to people, inviting friends to refer people, users can fill out their pyramid and then earn money based on the number of people in the 10-level pyramid that have been active for the past 24 hours.

CryptoTab VS HoneyMiner

There are several browser-based mining systems today. Among them are CryptoTab and Honeyiner. Lesser known options include Winminer, Computta's Minergate fan.

As far as we know all these mining systems work the same way. They promise wealth through easy mining to anyone who runs the mining application in the browser. However, the only real way to get profit is to invite and convince people to join through the referral link they have.


As mentioned above, actually if Coinvestors wants to get Bitcoin passively without doing anything, CryptoTab is a risk-free business choice. Weaknesses that may be faced is, assume that true Coinvestors will get bitcoin using this browser plug-in, meaning Google Chrome will be very slow.

It is up to Coinvestors to determine the advantages and disadvantages of using a slow computer when surfing the internet or or be able to choose when to use the CryptoTab application to see whether Coinvestors will get enough benefits to justify all mining power contributions.

In the end, if Coinvestors is looking for an easy way to do crypto mining using a standard PC or laptop, Coinvestors must join a pyramid scheme like CryptoTab or HoneyMiner. If Coinvestors is confident of being able to convince thousands of users to join CryptoTab through the referral link Coinvestors has, there is a possibility that Coinvestors can make a little money. However, the majority of users will not make money through CryptoTab.

Attention! Coinvestment does not encourage and force users to buy / sell / invest Digital Assets, or take action for profit, without doing research and gaining insight. All decisions on trading activities and investment of Digital Assets are independent decisions by users after knowing the risks.

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