Earnings to Mine Bitcoin a Day and How to Calculate It

fokuskan.com - benefits to be gained. Because in the manufacture of mining rigs will incur significant hardware purchase costs, not including operational costs. The value of the benefits obtained is never the same, because the exchange rate and the level of difficulty always changes. Well, how do you know how to earn bitcoin mining in a day and how to calculate it?

What is the maximum benefit of bitcoin mining calculated? Everyone can answer that the profit obtained can return capital within 4 months. Actually this value cannot be used as a reference as a calculation framework, because the exchange rate is always changing. At this time, when the selling value of bitcoin drops in the order of 6-7 thousand dollars, the ROI (Return of Investment) can be more than 1 year.

Maybe you want to make a mining rig with a limited price, what coins allow mining other than bitcoin? Computers with lower-class GPU specifications can make a profit. With conditions, do not mine bitcoin but altcoin. There are dozens of altcoins that can make money or later be converted into bitcoin. Most people are only focused on bitcoin, even though the level of difficulty and operational costs to mine is very expensive.

Mining Bitcoin Income

In calculating bitcoin mining income, it is necessary to analyze it from the hardware side. Today many people use Antminer, which is much faster than using a graphics card or GPU. What if your bitcoin mining uses a GPU, relying on a high-performance graphics card? Because the benefits of mining for bitcoin always fluctuate, you must calculate the following items:
Hashrate, what is the highest value that can be generated from the mining rig that you build?

Pool Fee, is a service provided to pool mining.
Block Reward, a prize added in mining bitcoin.
Hardware purchase and maintenance costs, of course the price will guarantee quality, although not always the case.

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Difficulty or difficulty level that must be faced in mining coins. This value is very decisive and always changes every day, because the whole world participates in it. The higher the value, the smaller the income obtained.

The cost of electricity that must be borne every day, the greater the mining rig built, the more electricity costs must be incurred.
The sale value of Bitcoin or Altcoin, this is what determines whether mining coins produces quick profits or even harm.

For example, a Hasrate of 14000 GHs requires electrical power of 1370 watts. With the current price of bitcoin around 6800 US dollars, the income of mining bitcoin a day is around 7 US dollars. This figure does not include electricity and hardware maintenance costs. Bitcoin mining profit estimates range from 0.001 BTC per day or 0.02 BTC per month.

There is no certainty in calculating bitcoin mining income, because the higher the level of difficulty, the smaller is obtained. What if using a GPU, is it still profitable to mine bitcoin? If not, what coins can be used to maximize revenue from your mining rig?

There is now a service that provides a calculation of the benefits of mining all coins. You just enter the type of device or graphics card and other costs. Do not let the mining rig that was built in vain just because one chose to mine coins. The calculation of mining earnings for bitcoin and altcoin can be accessed on the What To Mine page.

Earnings Mining Bitcoin Cloud Mining
For those of you who don't understand mining techniques, cloud mining is now also available. This system is much easier, because we only pay for mining rig rental services. Mining operational costs will automatically be deducted from mining results. So we only pay once, while other costs will be burdened according to income.

Is cloud mining profitable? Technically the net profit that can be obtained ranges from 55-70 percent of mining results. Because providers directly cut maintenance and operational costs. Today more and more people use cloud mining because it is more practical. We only see the results through a computer screen, while all the operations have been handled by practitioners.

What is the rent for cloud mining? About the price also do not need to worry, because generally it can start from the price of 10 US dollars. Rental contracts offered vary from 1-3 years. The results from mining can also be invested to increase the Hashrate. To get cloud mining, you can directly register to Hash Flare or CCG Mining.

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There is also cloud mining that offers a Lifetime contract (one time cost) or no time limit. Furthermore, only paying operational costs as well as maintenance taken from mining income every day. The price is also the same, can be started from the price of 10 US dollars, and the results of the coins obtained can be reinvested. To register for cloud mining, you can go directly to Minergate.

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