Now You Can Mining from Your Browser - If you usually use a particular software mining, now you can mining with a web browser: CryptoTab. CryptoTab browser is a fast and lightweight web browser with built-in mining functions. Usage is similar to Google Chrome, but coupled with extra high-speed mining.

Easily import your data from other browsers and synchronize between various devices. You can import bookmarks, favorites lists, history and extensions from any browser and start browsing with the same interface but with additional mining features.

Add your browser with more than 150 thousand extensions. Configure your browser by adding extensions that meet your needs. Add ad blockers and tools for security, improve performance, install your own design theme, and enjoy many other possibilities.

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You can mining Bitcoin and invite your friends so you can get even more. After you invite your friends, explain that they must use a browser regularly to visit websites and social networks, watch online videos, and so on. Higher mining speeds when the browser is active. In this way, they can get more income while your income from referrals increases.

The CryptoTab browser has a built-in mining algorithm that allows you to use your computer resources more effectively than in the extension format. This also increases your mining speed eight times faster and increases BTC revenue.

Install the CryptoTab Browser here.

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