Tips on Using Twitter as a Online Business Promotion Media that Can Be Profitable

Do you have an online business or sell products online? Then internet marketing must be part of your business plan. After learning how to use Facebook as a medium for marketing your product, this time we will share tips on using Twitter to promote your business. Twitter is one type of social media that has limited content, only 140 characters. For a business, social media is a necessity to promote the product or service being sold. It is also a medium for interacting with consumers about the products you sell, accepting opinions and criticisms to improve the quality of your products and services to consumers. Until now Twitter is still one of the favorite social media that is used to promote products. Before discussing Twitter further, there are a few things you should know about some common terms that are commonly used in social media:

Twitter: Status or text messages that have a maximum length of 140 characters.
Retweet (RT): Re-sharing or sharing someone's text / tweet messages in the timeline.
Feed: A collection of the latest tweets from users that you follow.
Mention (@): How to call other usernames with the usernames you are using, for example: @ MariahCarey24 and they will automatically receive notification from you.
Direct Message (DM): Communicate privately between Twitter users.
Hashtags (#): Ways to raise topics to become a forum for broad discussion. For example: #dietkarbo, #travelplot cheap. Besides hashtags can be a discovery tool so that other users find your tweets, even those who are not your followers will easily find it.
There are some smart tips for using Twitter as a media to promote your business:

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Details. The more you describe in detail your online business products and don't forget to include your hashtag in the tweet, the more easily it will be found by people who need your product.
Include your name as a business owner. In addition to the name of your online business, also include your name. This shows that you have something to share, not just about your business.
Follow a Twitter account that has almost the same type as your business. For example, if your business is a travel agent business, look for people who have a hobby of traveling.
Use questions to provoke interactions with your followers.
Don't spamming. Tweets that only contain a large number of links will be considered spamming by Twitter. Use introductory words before you want to share a link.
The best way to understand Twitter is to use it. Because Twitter is a social media that is micro blogging, so if you want to use it, don't always tweet to keep promoting your product, this will bore your followers. It's good to be interspersed with personal tweets, motivations, humor and useful tweet tips.

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