6 PTC sites click on the most trusted expensive expensive dollar paid advertisements

now there are lots of online businesses that are scattered on the internet, ranging from MLM (Multi Level Marketing), blogging, YouTube, and so forth. All of these businesses have proven to be profitable, but there is something even more unique that is the business of paying ad clicks.

The question is, have you ever started an online business? If not, then this article is the right answer for the reader, you just click on the ad and get paid.

The value of payment for each click is very varied, for 1 ad there is a value of $ 0.01 - $ 0.1. It should be underlined that here you will receive a dollar payment, so not rupiah.

Then how can I get dollars just click on ads?

The answer is you must join the PTC site (paid to click) because members who have registered there are specialized for clicking on ads, only with internet network capital.

What is PTC

Paid To Click, means that members will receive a dollar exchange rate if they click on an ad on their website, for the duration of the ad being seen is diverse, some are 10 seconds or even 30 seconds.

The longer the duration of the ad being viewed, the pay will be different from the shorter duration.

You only need to register, it only takes 3 minutes, here without spending a cent of capital.

Now that we understand the definition of PTC, now we continue to discuss a number of sites that are still legitimate to pay members. Anything, check it out !!

Trusted PTC Proven to Pay

1. GPTplanet.com

This is the first category in paid ad click sites, this ptc is arguably very old, because it has been established since 2010, there are many new members who joined GPTplanet.

Can accept payments through Payza, Paypal, and also Perfect Money.

Per click: $ 0.01 - $ 0-001
Since: 2010
Clicks from results invite friends: 100%
Minimum withdrawal: $ 2
Withdrawal time: every 7 working days
Buy direct referrals: yes

2. Clixsense.com

For those who like to hunt for dollars on the internet, of course you are familiar with the website name Clixsense, in my opinion this is the best site for getting dollars.

There you can make dollars easily just by clicking on ads, there are even some other tasks that can be completed so that the dollar increases, such as answering surveys.

Every 1 survey that was successfully completed could be given a large enough reward, even could reach $ 5 for only 1 survey. The minimum withdrawal is $ 8 to a Paypal online account.

Please register now if you are interested ...

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3. Justclickcorner.com

Now this third category ptc named justclickcorner, maybe not many people know about it, but you need to remember that this PTC is very old, has been around since March 7, 2006.

Try to count how many years have you been? ...

Justclickcorner will pay every member to do ad click action, play games, and also participate in a contest, justclickcorner proved legit.

Since: March 2006
Per click: $ 0.005 - $ 0.0001
Referral click up to: 10%
Ads available per day: 80 ads can
Minimum withdrawal: $ 1
Payment processor: Paypal, Payza, Perfecy Money

4. Scarlet-clicks.info

Scarlet-Clicks is a PTC that pays extra dollars to its members every time they see an ad that they have served. We do not need to doubt this site anymore, because it has been around since 2009.

So, it has been a long time since now, it still proves to be legit and is a trusted PTC If interested please try to register now go directly to the official website.

Value per click: $ 0,0005 - $ 0.003 (standard)
Ads per day: 16-20 ads
Referral: no limit
Payment methods: Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money
PO process time: around 7 working days
Minimum payout: $ 2

For standard members, the value per click is quite small, so if you want to get a large payment, please upgrade to a premium member and choose rented referrals (buy referrals)

5. NeoBux.com

I'm sure you must be familiar with the name of the best ptc neobux, this is one of the most popular dollar-paid click ad sites today, before Neobux has been operating since 2008. Hmmm how long has this website been?

Very old in my opinion ... so do not doubt whether or not legit.

PTC is trusted to pay a lot of money from NeoBux has been proven by many people, and other advantages that are listed as the top global PTC.

Founded: March 27, 2008
Per click: $ 0.01 - $ 0,0001
Referral click up to: $ 0.005 - $ 0.02
Ads per day: 30 ads, even more
Minimum payout: $ 2
Payment methods: Paypal, Payza, Paytoo, Neteller

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6. wad.ojooo.com

Ojoo is a ptc website originally from Germany and was created by Michael thees in March 2013, on this site you can get dollars easily, per day there are only 40 ads ready to click.

The nominal pay per click varies greatly, between $ 0.001 - $ 0.0001. Not only that, there are other tasks that can be completed such as watching videos.

For a minimum payout or withdrawal of the dollar must be collected a minimum of $ 2, can be done via Paypal, Payza, and OKpay. Now if you want to maximize profits, please upgrade to a premium member.

Buy rented referrals if you have enough capital, because this can maximize income, surely you must deposit first

Rented referral means renting referrals.

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