7 Tips on choosing a WordPress theme to create a Professional website

Tips for choosing a WordPress Theme

Apparently, there are still confused how to choose a wordpress theme that suits our business needs.

In fact, the wrong choice of wordpress themes can be fatal. Your online marketing goals may fail. Because many of the main needs for online promotion are not met.

Departing from these conditions. We feel the need to discuss it. Although on other pages, we have given 15 wordpress themes that we recommend.

Of course we hope, our brief discussion regarding how to choose this wordpress theme can help friends who are relatively new in making WordPress websites.

The following are some things you need to consider when choosing a wordpress theme.

Make a list of the required features

Not all business websites need the same features. Each has different and very specific needs.

Therefore, try to make a list of the features you need on the website.

We also suggest making this list of needs based on priority level. Primary and secondary. Because, maybe not everything on the list can be fulfilled.

Online shop websites will have different needs with a company profile website. Likewise with a membership website, different features will be needed with an MLM website.

On the online shop website, you need a checkout feature. Whereas on the company profile website you don't need it.

Adjust as needed

After you make a list of feature requirements. Then you can make a list of themes that have the features you want.

One thing you need to consider at this stage. Don't choose a wordpress theme just because it looks cool and attractive. Especially because it's cheap.

You must be consistent with the initial conditions.

The WordPress theme you choose must meet the list of features you need.

We also do not recommend you to use themes with a myriad of features. Because, sometimes the theme is too many features actually make the website heavy.

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responsive wordpress theme
In our opinion, this is a mandatory feature.

We have no choice but to use responsive wordpress themes. It's no longer the time to create a website with 2 different versions. Desktop and Mobile.

So, when you choose wordpress themes. Make sure you have this important feature.

This feature is not only useful for increasing mobile users. But, it will also help you in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Premium theme
Yes. We recommend you buy a premium theme.

Why ?

Because, with premium themes you will get many main features that you need. In addition, usually the theme will continue to be developed to adjust to the latest WordPress updates.

If at any time you encounter a problem, you just need to ask for help on the wordrpess theme developer.

In our opinion, this is a very important part if you want to do long-term business.

Look at the font

Sometimes the visual appearance of the wordpress theme looks really cool.

It's just that, there are also wordpress themes that are difficult to read. Because it uses a type of font that is too small, blurry so it is difficult to read.

The solution, make sure you buy a wordpress theme that has a nice font to read. The size is not small, the type is also not difficult for us to read.

In our opinion, sorting wordpress themes based on fonts is much easier.

Make sure it is compatible with popular plugins
The WordPress website is built using 2 main elements. Plugins and Themes.

So you must ensure that the theme used is compatible with popular plugins. Like Woocommerce, Yoast SEO, All in SEO Pack, WPForm, WP Fastest Cache and so on.

To find out whether the theme is compatible or not. You can just ask directly via chat or email to them.

This is a very important step if you do not want to be disappointed when buying a premium theme.

Those are some things that you need to consider when determining the wordpress theme that will be installed on the website. Sometimes not everything is in a theme. The solution, you can fulfill by using the WordPress plugin.

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