9 Tips for Maintaining the Health of Pregnant Women and Fetus in the Womb

fokuskan.com - It is important for mothers to always maintain their health during 9 months of pregnancy. Remember, the fetus will also grow healthy until the time of its birth if the mother is healthy. How do you maintain the health of pregnant women and babies in the womb? The answer is one: Pregnant women must live a healthy lifestyle.

How to maintain the health of pregnant women and the fetus

1. Eat nutritious food

The health of pregnant women is very dependent on what is eaten daily. Fill your dinner plate with a variety of healthy foods that are highly nutritious to support your own health as well as the fetus in the womb.

For mothers, eating nutritious foods can help increase stamina, avoid the risk of pregnancy complications, control weight during pregnancy to stay healthy, to reduce the burden of pregnancy symptoms that burden

In addition, a healthy diet helps stabilize moods to avoid depression during pregnancy. Eating nutritious foods since a young pregnancy also helps to prepare the body of a healthy mother for the maximum time before delivery.

Varied but still balanced nutritional intake also supports the smooth process of growth and development of infants. Not forgetting the intake of nutritious foods can help maintain a healthy fetal weight, and prevent the risk of birth defects.

Nutritious foods that must be consumed during pregnant women are:

Protein foods, such as cooked eggs, chicken breast, and whole wheat (whole wheat bread and brown rice).
Foods that contain vitamin C, such as citrus fruits, guava and strawberries.
Foods and beverages containing calcium, such as pasteurized milk and green vegetables.
Iron-rich foods, such as broccoli and beans.
Foods that contain healthy fats, such as salmon (cooked cooked) and avocados.
Foods that contain folic acid, such as egg yolks and spinach.
Meanwhile, avoid eating undercooked meat, animal offal, and fast food that is high in trans fat as long as pregnant women lead a healthy lifestyle. Also avoid eating fish that are high in mercury during pregnancy, such as tuna, mackerel, and swordfish.

2. Take prenatal vitamins

Taking prenatal vitamins is recommended to maintain the health of pregnant women. Nutritional intake for pregnant women is actually quite a lot from daily food. However, vitamins can help meet and provide additional nutrients needed by the fetus in the womb.

Pregnant vitamins generally contain folic acid from vitamin B. Folic acid plays an important role in the development of the baby's brain and spinal cord. Folic acid is also beneficial for preventing the risk of birth defects.

This vitamin must be taken properly before starting to get pregnant. Consult with your doctor about what prenatal vitamins you really need. If taking vitamin pregnant makes you nauseous, try drinking at night or chewing gum when you start feeling nauseous.

3. Regular exercise

Pregnancy is not a reason not to exercise. Exercise is still an important part of a healthy lifestyle for pregnant women to maintain health.

Exercise helps blood circulation and oxygen in the body, strengthen muscles, and reduce stress during pregnancy. Exercise also supports the intelligence of babies in the womb.

Try to take 30 minutes every day to exercise. There are many safe exercise choices for pregnant women. However, you do not need to exercise heavily. Mild physical activities such as leisurely walks, swimming, or even yoga, are generally safe during pregnancy.

4. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol

For the sake of maintaining the health of pregnant women and their wombs for the next 9 months, avoid smoking and alcoholic drinks.

Smoking and / or drinking alcohol while pregnant can increase the risk of miscarriage. For babies in the womb, these two bad habits also increase the risk of babies being born prematurely, stillbirth, birth defects, or born with low weight.

So, make sure pregnant women lead a healthy lifestyle that is free of cigarettes and alcohol.

5. Maintain a healthy weight

Every woman is recommended to eat nutritious food during pregnancy. In addition to maintaining the health of pregnant women, regular eating also aims to gain weight during pregnancy to be ideal.

Mothers who have normal weight before pregnancy are advised to increase their weight to 11.5-16 kg during pregnancy. Meanwhile, if you are very thin since before pregnancy, you should add 13-18 kg of body weight during pregnancy.

Weight gain is very influential on the health of pregnant women and babies. According to the Indonesian Ministry of Health, weight gain shows the goodness of the nutritional status of pregnant women and the development of the fetus in the womb.

Ideally mothers are advised to add 300 calories per day to meet weight gain during pregnancy. However, that does not mean you can eat as much as possible. The frequency of meals, portions, and types of food must be carefully considered so as not to overweight.

Being overweight during pregnancy can disrupt a mother's healthy lifestyle. So, you should consult an obstetrician to get and control your ideal body weight during pregnancy. Your doctor can help you plan a healthy eating plan that is correct while preventing you from complications such as gestational diabetes.

6. Drink enough water

9 Tips for Maintaining the Health of Pregnant Women and Fetus in the Womb

To maintain health during pregnancy, mothers are encouraged to drink enough water every day. Adequate fluid intake helps launch blood flow from the heart throughout the body, including into the uterus to be received by the fetus.

In addition, maintaining a healthy lifestyle by diligently drinking water can also improve the immune system of pregnant women and prevent various health problems. Starting from dehydration, fatigue, anemia, constipation, hemorrhoids, and urinary tract infections.

Try to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. So as not to get bored of drinking water, try adding pieces of lemon, strawberry or lime to add freshness.

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