Fraud Alert! These 5 Smart Ways to Choose the Right Health Insurance

Fraud Alert! These 5 Smart Ways to Choose the Right Health Insurance

Health problems are not something that should be ignored. Often we are not able to predict risks that threaten health, because often health problems come at unexpected times.

The way that can be taken to overcome the risks to health is to use health insurance. The number of insurance companies that are currently emerging, whether offline or online makes us have to be more wary of bulging insurance that offers a variety of benefits that do not make sense.

In order not to be easily eaten by bulging health insurance seduction which certainly can be detrimental, then it's good to consider the following five smart ways to choose the right health insurance.

1. Know what you need

Fraud Alert! These 5 Smart Ways to Choose the Right Health Insurance

The initial stage in determining which health insurance will be chosen later is to recognize in advance what your needs are. This can be seen from the services of each health insurance company from the medical track record, protection and services needed at this time and also the needs of the future.

If you already recognize your needs, it will be easier when choosing health insurance products. There is also no harm in finding other information from relatives or close relatives who have used health insurance. This can also be a reference material.

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2. Compare each insurance product

Each insurance company certainly offers different health insurance products. In general, each insurance company has advantages that will certainly provide advantages and disadvantages that actually make a loss.

However, no matter how good the insurance product, return to the first point is to adjust the needs. Take into consideration by comparing each insurance product. Consultation with relatives or colleagues who also understand insurance questions also needs to be done.

3. Find Out the Company Track Record 

Fraud Alert! These 5 Smart Ways to Choose the Right Health Insurance


Knowing the journey of the health insurance provider company as a whole is very important. This will facilitate you when you want to determine insurance products that will be used for the future. Get good and bad company information through people who have been or are still clients or through media such as the website and social media of each insurance company.

Look carefully starting from the age of the company, services provided such as experts, financial reports such as sound financial condition, Risk Based Capital or a calculation used as a benchmark on the company's ability to meet its obligations.

In addition, no less important is that you also need to check retention in each insurance company. If the company has reinsured, it means that the company is no longer able to run. 

4. Understand and Choose an Insurance Claim System

Generally, there are three types of health insurance claims payment systems offered, namely:

     Cashless: the system pays for both inpatient and outpatient care costs simply by showing the health insurance card to the hospital.
     Reimbursement: the system of paying for treatment by covering medical costs from personal money first, then the costs already billed to the company by attaching a payment receipt.
     Compensation: this payment system will be carried out by insurance companies with daily compensation for the duration of the client being hospitalized. Usually, the amount of this benefit has been agreed in your policy with the insurance company

5. Know the Hospital Partners

Fraud Alert! These 5 Smart Ways to Choose the Right Health Insurance
Before deciding which health insurance provider to choose, do not neglect to find out which hospital accepts the insurance company's claim. It is better to choose insurance companies that partner with hospitals in the country and abroad that have good credibility.

Choose Insurance Smartly!

Whatever insurance you choose, stay alert to fraud on behalf of insurance companies. Because, this bad thing can be done by those who just want to take as much profit without thinking long about the losses suffered by the client. Be smart in choosing insurance companies that offer a variety of products. Recognize and compare each insurance company, if necessary, ask people who are familiar with insurance products to get complete information so that they can avoid unwanted things in the future.

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