How to Maintain Health Insurance Stay Active Until Old Age

Health insurance is one financial product that is very important for everyone to have. Not just for now, health insurance is certainly needed until later in life. But what is often a problem for most people is how to maintain their insurance policies when they retire. While on the other hand, at this time health insurance is often very needed.

Paying insurance premiums after retirement can be overwhelming, especially if it turns out the amount of premium paid is fairly high. But on the contrary, if you do not have health insurance, then you will cover your own health costs in old age later.

This is certainly very risky, considering that health costs are also not exactly cheap. Be sure to have an active health insurance policy until retirement later, so that health problems do not interfere with your financial condition.

The following are some ways that you can do to keep active health insurance until old age:

1. Immediately Buy Health Insurance

Feel yourself still healthy and do not need certain health services at this time, you might still be reluctant to buy health insurance products. This is certainly risky, considering that pain can come at any time.

In addition, the longer / older you buy health insurance, the higher the premium to be paid. Be sure to buy health insurance immediately, so this service can provide protection for health as soon as possible.

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2. Buy in accordance with financial capabilities

As a basic insurance, you can become a participant in health BPJS, considering that this service is also required now. But if it turns out that financial conditions are still adequate, it never hurts to buy additional insurance.

Besides BPJS, you can also consider other private health insurance services as a complement, especially to cover various diseases that are not guaranteed by BPJS. Choose a policy that suits your health needs and is not guaranteed by BPJS, so the purchase of additional insurance is truly beneficial.

In addition, also adjust the amount of this insurance premium with financial capacity, so that later there is no difficulty to pay it until old age.

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3. Buy insurance that provides protection for critical illness

When buying private insurance, make sure you consider a policy that guarantees critical illness. Some insurers may not include this in their basic services.

But on the contrary, there are also life insurance products that actually provide protection against this critical illness as an added benefit in their products. You need to pay close attention to this.

Make sure to choose the most appropriate insurance products and have critical illness protection in them, so that later this insurance can provide maximum benefits for health.

4. Don't Pay Insurance with Loans in Retirement

Finance after retirement certainly will not always be safe, given the amount of income has decreased. Avoid applying for credit during these times, even if it's for the purpose of buying insurance. This is very risky, considering that it will not be productive in retirement later.

5. Consider Unit Link Insurance 

Insurance designed to run in conjunction with this investment can be used as an option. In the unit link some funds will be invested, so that it can generate a certain amount of income. From this investment you can apply for premium leave for a while, if at any time the finances are uncertain.
6. Prepare the Health Fund

Even though you already have health insurance, you still need to prepare a number of health funds in finance from now on. This is important, to anticipate if one day does not have sufficient funds to pay the insurance premium used. This fund will guarantee the continuity of health insurance until old age.

Buy the appropriate financial needs and capabilities

Health insurance is one important requirement that you must have, even into old age. Make sure you already have this health insurance and are able to pay the premium until old age, so that health risks remain well guaranteed. Buy insurance that suits your health and financial needs right now.



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