Prepare Health Insurance for Your Baby Early

Prepare Health Insurance for Your Baby Early Health insurance is the most important insurance for everyone, including toddlers or babies. Just like adults, children also need health insurance from an early age or when conditions are still healthy. Because, most health insurance will make a rejection if you just apply for insurance when you already have an illness.

Imagine if the baby falls ill in the future need to be treated by a doctor, but does not have enough medical expenses, certainly would not have the heart to see it right? With insurance, parents don't have to worry anymore about that.

Here are five important reviews that parents need to know how important it is to prepare insurance for the baby early on, including:

1. The Process of Childbirth Pregnant Women

Prepare Health Insurance for Your Baby Early

When married, not many couples who immediately prepare all the needs for their children later, including health insurance. In fact, this health insurance is very useful when later the mother will give birth to her child.

If the condition of the fetus in the womb is problematic and can not give birth normally, the use of health insurance can be the right solution. You can consider the use of insurance or BPJS Health. Both are equally beneficial for the health of the mother and child during the birth process.

2. Family Disease History

Prepare Health Insurance for Your Baby Early

Does your family have a history of special illnesses or hereditary diseases? Hereditary diseases will usually be passed on from one generation to the next. When the mother gives birth later, most likely the baby will also suffer from the same disease with family illness.

Follow-up needs to be done, namely by buying health insurance products from the beginning to complete the needs of your child. When the fruit falls sick, parents can use the facilities provided by insurance companies to get a doctor's treatment.

Choose health insurance products that suit your needs. Do not forget to also make comparisons of each insurance product, ranging from fees to facilities.

3. Ease of Filing a Claim 

Prepare Health Insurance for Your Baby Early

Insurance claims submitted are usually completed with the date, time, hospital name and total medical expenses. However, filing a claim does not always run smoothly. Some policies often have to go through such a long process to get a claim approved by the company.

So that the claim submission is not complicated, choose an insurance company that has good credibility and is recognized by the public. Whenever you submit a claim, the process is easier to approve.

Prepare Health Insurance for Your Baby Early

4. Insurance Company Credibility

The number of trusted health insurance companies in Indonesia is mushrooming in various cities. Each company certainly offers different products, facilities and services.

Before enrolling a toddler into health insurance, you should consider the credibility of the company. Is the company considered good or bad by the community. Do not be lazy to ask, you are wrong to choose insurance for your child's needs.

You can get information via the internet about the best health insurance companies in Indonesia. So that the information obtained is more accurate, there's no harm in asking questions directly to friends or coworkers who have joined the health insurance in question.

5. Maintain Family Financial Conditions

Prepare Health Insurance for Your Baby Early

The cost of treatment in hospitals is increasingly expensive. This is the reason why insurance products are increasingly in demand by the public. Because, some medical expenses at the hospital will be covered by health insurance.

To avoid applying for a loan or debt, it would be better if the toddler is registered as a policy of health insurance early or when conditions are still healthy. Whenever your toddler needs medical expenses, you don't need to be confused looking for extra money to pay for hospital treatment.
Protect Toddlers with Insurance

With health insurance, your family's financial condition will be greatly helped because medical expenses are not covered alone, but are borne with the insurance company. Therefore, reward your toddler with health insurance products shortly after he was born. The faster the health insurance product is, the more benefits will be felt.


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