Steps to Starting a Dropship Business

Steps to Starting a Dropship Business - In today's sophisticated era, the internet can be used for various things including to start a business. Business is easy, does not need a lot of capital and you do not have to bother managing goods. Yep! Dropship business is the answer.

Dropship is a business system of selling goods from suppliers without having to have stock of goods. Dropship can be your first step in trying to become an entrepreneur.

Interested? If so, prepare your notes, write and run the six steps below.

1. Select the product

The first step is to choose a product. Looking for products to sell and market. As a tip, choose the product that you like and many people are looking for. This method will help you understand the target market. Try to also look for products that people use every day.

Selling a lot of products might give you a bigger profit opportunity, but product specialization will be better. Selling a range of products that are too diverse can disrupt focus and are more difficult to market.

What should be considered when choosing a product?

Profitable. In running the dropship business model, your role is as a marketer. Choose a product that provides a large profit opportunity.
Interesting. Choose products that are attractive and of high quality.
Frequently Searched. Take advantage of Google's Keyword Planner and Google Trends to find keywords that are frequently searched for.
Sell ​​something that is not here. Choose products that are not easily found by your customers in certain areas.

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2. Researching competitors

Remember! You not only compete with fellow dropshipper, but also with other retail giants such as Bukalapak, Tokopedia and Shopee.

But don't be afraid to compete. Competition is not something to be avoided, on the contrary the presence of competitors can be a sign that the product's enthusiasts are very high and the business model is enduring.

Steps to Starting a Dropship Business

3. Choosing the Right Supplier

Supplier becomes an important factor in this business. One of the suppliers to choose can disrupt the entire business arrangements that are being pioneered. Product quality, fast response and on time delivery must be well considered.

Because if the product does not match the expectations of the buyer, the dropshipper will get complaints, negative comments and low ratings from the buyer.

This is why you have to be smart in choosing a reliable supplier. One more thing that needs to be seen is the supplier's production capability, if you want your business to grow you also know the supplier's production ability to grow together.

Where to find suppliers? You can try searching on existing e-commerce sites such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak, or even through Kaskus or social media.

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4. Build an Online Store

An easy way to market your product is to take advantage of existing marketplace platforms such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee and others.

Besides social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others you can also use to reach a wider audience.

Or if you have a budget, you can hire a web designer to create a special page for your product.

Steps to Starting a Dropship Business

5. Attract customers

Having an attractive product and an online store is meaningless if there are no customers. Business might shut down before enjoying profits.

To attract customers, there are several ways you can try, such as giving discounts, promos or using advertising on social media. One of the most effective options is promotion through Facebook. Why Facebook? Because Facebook gives the possibility to send advertisements to a targeted audience.

For more optimal use SEO and email marketing. This method is effective for building a customer base without having to increase marketing budget.

6. Analysis and Optimization

Have done the five steps above, now is the time you evaluate what has been done. Analyze all available data and graphics. Look at Google Analytics and Facebook pixel data conversion, if Facebook is the main social media for promotion.

Analyze where your customers are from, what channels are used to find out your product. These points are important for measuring and optimizing your dropship business.

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