This is the Process of Forming ASI and How to Support the Production of ASI

This is the Process of Forming ASI and How to Support the Production of ASI

If you think that breast milk is only formed after giving birth, then the assumption of the mother is wrong. Breast milk has actually begun to be produced by the mother's body since pregnancy.

Mammary glands actually have begun to develop since puberty. However, these glands only begin to produce breast milk after the mother is pregnant. Mammary glands during pregnancy become "active" because there are a variety of changes in the body that stimulate milk production, especially hormonal changes.

The process of forming ASI

Changes in hormone levels during pregnancy, such as the hormones progesterone and estrogen, cause the milk ducts and mammary glands to grow and increase in number. This makes the breast of a pregnant woman look bigger.

Now, when you reach the second trimester of pregnancy, your breasts begin to produce milk, so you may feel milk coming out of your nipples during pregnancy.

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 After the baby is born, the levels of the hormones progesterone and estrogen in the body will decrease, and the hormone prolactin is released. The release of the hormone prolactin is what gives the signal to the body of the Mother to produce more milk to be given to the Little One.
Factors that Support Breast Milk Production

Mother's milk production after giving birth can be abundant or not. There are many factors that affect milk production, namely:

1. The intensity of breastfeeding a baby

The intensity of breastfeeding a baby affects the amount of milk that comes out. The more often you breastfeed your baby, the breast milk you produce will also be more abundant. The reason is, baby's mouth sucking when suckling can stimulate milk production in the body. So, feed your baby regularly and try to pump breast milk immediately when Mother's breast feels full huh!

2. Sticking baby while breastfeeding

If you feel that milk is still coming out a little even though the frequency of breastfeeding is often, try to check the baby's attachment while breastfeeding. Make sure your little mouth and nipples stick properly, so he can suck the milk more optimally.

With a good attachment to breastfeeding, not only is your baby's milk needs fulfilled, Mother's body will be stimulated to produce more milk.

3. Stimulation of the breast

In order for Mother's milk production to remain abundant, make it a habit to breastfeed Your Baby with both breasts alternately. Stimulation of both breasts by baby sucking can help increase milk production.

4. Healthy lifestyle

In order for abundant and smooth milk production, Mother must adopt a healthy lifestyle during breastfeeding. It's easy, Mother must avoid consuming alcoholic beverages and stop smoking. Do not forget to also drink plenty of water and eat nutritious foods.

Although the process of forming breast milk has started since the mother is pregnant, it does not mean that production cannot be increased after the mother gives birth. Use the methods above to make more Mother's Milk. If necessary, consult with your doctor or lactation consultant to find out how to stimulate the formation of breast milk.

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