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Jual Theodolite Topcon DT 209
Jual Theodolite Topcon DT 209 Series coordinates a similar amazing propelled total circle perusing innovation found in Topcons superior aggregate station items for more precise field estimations. Topcon keeps on conveying the most noteworthy quality optics and gadgets you hope to discover in Theodolites.

Jual Digital Theodolite Topcon DT 209 Series climates any wet or clean conditions in the field, taking into consideration a more profitable day amid harsh climate. Level of security against water depends on the standard IEC60529, whose definition is “water anticipated in intense planes against the fenced in area from any heading should have no hurtful impacts”.

All models are additionally reduced and lightweight for simple convenientce; and their basic activity gives exact estimation in a useful, bother free bundle. The Topcon DT-200 Series takes into consideration more than 140h of ceaseless estimation in the point mode. This long battery life will wipe out the need for the substitution batteries at work.

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Fitur Theodolite Topcon DT 209 atau DT 200 Series
Longer battery powering duration
Longer battery powering durations using alkaline batteries. Continuous angle measurement for 150 hours (DT-213). Laser continuous angle measurement for 45 hours.
Absolute encoder is used
Detection of 0° position is no longer needed. Stable, high-accuracy measurement.
Laser pointer
The laser pointer is injected in collimation direction by simply operating one switch. Workers can perform work without guidance by observation personnel.
Excellent waterproof structure
The theodolite body is guarded against a sudden torrential rain and dirt. The theodolite can be used reliably at work sites under severe conditions.
JIS C 0920 protection class IP66 (Dustproof and waterproof types)
Spesifikasi Theodolite Topcon DT 209

Length 149 mm

Target focal point 45 mm

Amplification 30x power

Field of view 1°30′

Settling power 2.5 power

Least concentration 90 cm

Stadia proportion 100

Stadia steady 0

Locating collimator Double

Electronic Angle Measurement

Technique Absolute Reading

Identifying 2 even sides, 1 vertical sides

Least perusing 1″/5″ bend seconds, 0.2mgon/1mgon mgon

Exactness 5 bend seconds, 71mm Diameter Circle

LCD 7 fragments


Sides 2

Serial flag connector RS-232C

Tilt sensor Vertical

Information Output

Serial flag connector RS-232C

Optical Plummet Telescope

Amplification 3x control

Field of view 3° degrees

Level Sensitivity

Plate level 40°/2mm

Round level 10°/2mm

Water Protection

Standard IP66 rating

Power Supply

Battery 4AA batteries

Working time Alk.

Theodolite just 140 Hours


Working Temp – 20 to 50 degrees C

Jual Digital Theodolite Topcon DT 209 dengan Akurasi 9 detik dengan harga murah, diskon dan cari produk TOPCON lainnya dari kelompok Digital Theodolite . Gratis ongkos pengiriman guna wilayah Jakarta dan bisa dikirim ke semua Indonesia. Dapatkan hanya di toko online www.akurasimisisurvey.co.id, melakukan pembelian barang online gampang dan aman.

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