Jual Harga Termurah Hammer Test HT 255

 Fiture :

fokuskan.com - Center rod is made from imported material, high accuracy and durable resistance
The shell is made form high Aluminum or high polymer material in order to perfect protect instrument from damage and extend use life
Pointer slider is outside structure, its friction can be balance well and easy to be adjusted so that we can make sure that the instrument is accurate. Compared with other suppliers in the line of business, the product is more accuracy, good quality, and best price and longer use life.
 Spesfikasi :

Test range: 10~60Mpa
Standard impact energy: 2.207J(0.225Kgf.m)
Stroke of rebound hammer: 75mm
Friction of pointer slider: 0.5N~0.8N
Sphere radius of rebound pole SR: 25mm±1mm
Average rebound value on steel anvil Rm: 80±2
Size: Φ54*278mm
Weight: ≈1KG

Layanan Terbaik Kami :
                1. Jual Beli Alat Survey
                2. Service Alat Survey
                                a. Service Total Station
                               b. Service Theodolite
                                c. Service Waterpass
                                d. Service Alat Survey Semua Merk
Produk Alat Survey Kami :

                1. Jual Total Station
                                 Jual Total Station Topcon
                                 Jual Total Station Topcon GM 52
                               Jual Total Station Topcon GM 55
                               Jual Total Station Topcon ES 105 (second)
                               Jual Total Station Topcon GTS 255N (second)
                                Jual Total Station Sokkia
                              Jual Total Station Sokkia iM 52
                                 Jual Total Station Sokkia iM 55
                               Jual Total Station Sokkia CX 105 (second)
                   ○ Jual Total Station Nikon
                                                § Jual Total Station Nikon NPL 322 Plus P
                                                § Jual Total Station Nikon XS 2
                                                § Jual Total Station Nikon XS 5
                                                § Jual Total Station Nikon XF 2
                                                § Jual Total Station Nikon XF 5
                                ○ Jual Total Station Ruide
                                                § Jual Total Station Ruide R2
                                ○ Jual Total Station Kolida
                                                § Jual Total Station Kolida KTS 442Rc
                                ○ Jual Total Station Gowin
                                                § Jual Total Station Gowin TKS 202
                                ○ Jual Total Station Spectra
                                                § Jual Total Station Spectra Focus 2
                                                § Jual Total Station Spectra Focus 

                2. Jual Theodolite
                                ○ Jual Theodolite Topcon
                                                § Jual Theodolite Topcon DT 209
                                                § Jual Theodolite Topcon DT 205L
                                ○ Jual Theodolite Sokkia
                                                § Jual Theodolite Sokkia DT 740
                                                § Jual Theodolite Sokkia DT 740 (second)
                                ○ Jual Theodolitie Nikon
                                                § Jual Theodolite Nikon NE 100
                                                § Jual Theodolite Nikon NE 101
                                                § Jual Theodolite Nikon NE 102
                                ○ Jual Theodolite South
                                                § Jual Theodolite South ET 02
                                                § Jual Theodolite South ET 02L
                3. Jual Waterpass / Automatic Level
                                ○ Jual Waterpass Topcon
                                                § Jual Waterpass Topcon ATB4A
                                                § Jual Waterpass Topcon ATB2
                                ○ Jual Waterpass Sokkia
                                                § Jual Waterpass Sokkia B40A
                                                § Jual Waterpass Sokkia B20A
                                ○ Jual Waterpass Nikon
                                                § Jual Waterpass Nikon AX-2S
                                              § Jual Waterpass Nikon AC-2S
                                ○ Jual Waterpass Ruide
                                                § Jual Waterpass Ruide RLC 32
                4. Jual GPS Garmin
                                ○ GPS Garmin Etrex 10
                                ○ GPS Garmin Etrex 30
                                ○ GPS Garmin Etrex 30X
                                ○ GPS Garmin 64s
                                ○ GPS Garmin 64sc
                                ○ GPS Garmin Oregon 650
                                ○ GPS Garmin Oregon 680
              5. Jual GPS Geodetik / GNSS Receiver / GPS Geodetic
                                ○ Jual GPS Geodetik Topcon
                                                § Jual GPS Geodetik Topcon Hiper SR
                                                § Jual GPS Geodetik Topcon Hiper V
                                                § Jual GPS Geodetik Topcon GR 5
                                                § Jual GPS Geodetik Topcon GR 5 (second)
                                ○ Jual GPS Geodetik Hi-Target
                                                § Jual GPS Geodetik Hi-Target V30 Statik
                                                § Jual GPS Geodetik Hi-Target V30 RTK
                                                § Jual GPS Geodetik Hi-Target V60 RTK
                                                § Jual GPS Geodetik Hi-Target V90 Plus
                                ○ Jual GPS Geodetik Ruide
                                                § Jual GPS Geodetik Ruide R90X
                                ○ Jual GPS Geodetik South
                                                § Jual GPS Geodetik South S86S Statik
                                                § Jual GPS Geodetik South S86 RTK
                                                § Jual GPS Geodetik South Galaxy G1
                                                § Jual GPS Geodetik South Galaxy G1 Plus
                                ○ Jual GPS Geodetik Geo-Fennel
                                                § Jual GPS Geodetik Geo-Fennel FGS-1
                6. Jual Echo Sounder
                                ○ Jual Echosounder Hi-Target
                                   § Jual Echosounder Hi-Target HD 380
                                   § Jual Echosounder Hi-Target HD 370
                7. Jual Rotating Laser
                                ○ Jual Rotating Laser RL-H4C
                                ○ Jual Rotating Laser RL-H5C
                8. Jual Distomater
                      ○ Jual Leica Distomater D810
                9. Jual Hammer Test
                                ○ Jual Hammer Test HT-225A
                                ○ Jual Hammer Test Proceq CO550
                10. Jual Aksesoris Alat Survey
                                ○ Jual Alumunium Tripod
                                ○ Jual Prisma Polygon
                                ○ Jual Prisma Single
                                ○ Jual Range Pole
                                ○ Jual Rambu Ukur
                                ○ Jual Charger Total Station
                                ○ Jual Batrai Total Station
                                ○ Jual Kabel Data Total Station
                                ○ Jual Diagonal Eye Piece Total Station Atau Loop
                                ○ Jual Diagonal Eye Piece Theodolite Atau Loop
                11. Jual Telepon Satelit                                Jual Telepon Satelit Thuraya
                                 Jual Telepon Satelit Thuraya XT Lite
                                 Jual Telepon Satelit Thuraya XT Pro
                                 Jual Telepon Satelit Thuraya XT Pro Dual
                12. Jual Lampu Warning
                                ○ Lampu Explosion Proof BJD330 LED Warning Lighting

Beli Disini anda akan mendapatkan banyak keuntungan dengan harga alat survey terbaik.

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